Need advice, marriage abroad - parents won't listen  


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18/06/2019 1:28 pm  

Hi everyone,

I don't know where else to say this but I read your content and I feel much comfortable writing here then other forums.

Anyway, I got engaged to someone in Pakistan like 5 months ago but I broke it off because he was acting all sorts of bad. Because he's a family friend, may parents want me to still marry him even though I don't want to.

My whole family is against me, telling me if I don't go ahead with this that they will not speak to me, I think they'll conjure some messed plan to take me there but I think its the anxiety talking.

I have a steady job but moving out takes time, I honestly feel like they are watching me 24/7.

What shall I do?


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18/06/2019 6:41 pm  

Hi there!

Firstly, I am a writer here at iTHINK and its good to know you enjoy our content!

Hmmm its normal to feel anxious in a situation like this, marrying someone obviously is a big decision and is something that takes a lot of thinking. I feel like you should take a deep breath first and think it through.

Lets look at the bright side first, you've got a steady job, thats really cool! In a world with 7 billion people, thats really something to celebrate. Proud of you!

You should spend time to think through your decision. Be honest to yourself and understand your emotions. Sit down, take a long deep breathe and weigh out your options. Know that you are in control of yourself and you should prioritise whatever you think is best for yourself. 

I feel like which ever path you choose will be difficult nonetheless, but persevere and I guarantee you good things await.

Perhaps also try talking with your family  honestly about how you feel towards this. They may be able to understand your point of view better. Also, reach out to friends once you feel more comfortable about sharing it, I'd also be happy to listen more about the situation whenever you feel like sharing.

Anyways, I don't know your family, the guy, and your culture so its hard for me to give specific advice. BUT, I do know this: you are loved and you deserve happiness. You will always find people who care and will listen as long as you reach out.

I hope all the best for you! x