Claudia Ochoa Félix

The Death of Claudia Ochoa Félix

An alleged assassin, a social media celebrity, and the Mexican Cartel. What do these things have in common? Claudia Ochoa Félix, that’s what.

Félix attended a nightclub the night of her death – which means the substances available to her were limitless.

Félix, whose aliases include La Emperatriz de los Ántrax (which translates to The Empress of Ántrax), The Kim Kardashian of Organized Crime, and The Most Dangerous Woman in the World, was found dead on the 15 th of September – and with her death comes a polarising question…

Was Félix’s death accidental? Or did someone kill Mexico’s most famous assassin?

Who Was Claudia Ochoa Félix?

Claudia Ochoa Félix was a Mexican model and social media celebrity rumoured to have led Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s assassin unit Los Ántrax – an organization also known to provide armed reinforcements to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel.

Félix rose to her position of power after the 2014 arrest and extradition of the organizations previous leader (and Félix’s former lover) Jose Rodrigo Arechiga, better known as ‘El Chino Ántrax’.

During this time, Félix also gained social media fame for three rather intriguing reason…

Firstly, the curvaceous brunette with plump lips and tanned skin bore an uncanny physical resemblance to reality star Kim Kardashian.

Secondly, she received DMs from world famous rapper Drake and, according to some speculative gossip reports, the pair later became romantically involved.

And thirdly, she repeatedly uploaded photographs of herself posing with the likes of Pink and gold AK-47s, sports cars, private planes, yachts, piles of money, designer handbags, and so much more.

Félix had always denied any and all involvement in illegal activities, once starting on several of her social media platforms that the accusations are nothing more than, cowardly lies and slander.

Claudia Ochoa Félix’s Death

On the morning of September 15 th, Félix was found unresponsive in bed by her lover (who remains unidentified). The man attempted to wake her and got no response. Authorities were called and Félix was pronounced dead on the scene. The 35 year old had passed during the night.

Félix leaves behind an ex-husband, a Cartel drug trafficker known as El Chavo Félix, and 3 children.

The Theories

Death Due to Alcohol / Drug Overdose

Félix attended a nightclub the night of her death – which means the substances available to her were limitless.

Prosecutor Juan Jose Rios Estavillo has confirmed the presence of both alcohol and other illicit substances in Félix’s system during the time of her death.

Therefore it is reasonable for one to assume that a combination of drugs and alcohol caused Félix to overdose the night of the 14th – resulting in her death.

Death Due to Suffocation

If Félix’s death was not caused by an overdose, then the next logical theory is suffocation.

When an individual is passed out due to excessive drug and alcohol use, it is not uncommon for foreign substances such as vomit to be inhaled into the lungs. This is known as death due to pulmonary aspiration.

Suffocation is the initial cause of death theory for investigators.

Death Due To Something Else…

It is speculated that the lives of hundreds – potentially thousands – were ended at the hands of Félix in the most bloody and gruesome of ways.

Therefore, it is only natural for one to speculate…

Is it possible something was slipped into her drink that night? Was Félix the victim of an attack?

Was she murdered…?

Félix had faced assassination attempts in the past. On May 7 th , 2014, the 23 year old girlfriend of El Chino Ántrax named Yuriana Castillo Torres was shot dead in an assassination gone wrong.

The intended hit was Félix. Yurina was killed in a case of mistake identity.

Local media has speculated about potential foul play – one source claiming there to be signs of “physical abuse” on the corpse.

Investigators have denied this claim, stating,

“What we can assure is that the death specifically derived from a non-violent cause.”

The official autopsy results are pending and the investigation into her death is still underway.


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