Yu Gi Oh! World Championship Celebrations 2019

To commemorate the riveting Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship that took place in Berlin on 10-11 August, many stores and clubs from around the world have hosted celebratory tournaments.

There are also exciting treats for fans, like Launch Events for newly released products, and Sneak Peeks, where you can see the latest cards before they are officially on sale.

These events, running from 17-25 Aug, allow fans to win special prizes. Some duelists receive a special Game Mat in honour of the celebration. They also create a sense of community as fans can interact with one another and engage in some friendly competition.

What Happens

Due to limited spaces, those who wish to take part are required to pay a small entrance fee. Upon signing up, the first 16 players receive a scorepad, Field Centre and booster packs as “participation prizes”.

Some locations have a live-stream of the Championship, so players can watch and play at the same time.

Whether players are in Germany aiming to become the worldโ€™s finest, or are emulating their heroes at home, this August will see Duelists around the world celebrate all that is great about the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME.

Many of these tournaments follow the Swiss System. Entrants are pitted against those with the same score as them, whoever finishes the round with the highest score wins.

Prizes for the winners include an exclusive Game Mat and a set of two Promotional Cards. These cards being Red Eye B. Dragon, a powerful dragon that spouts deadly black flames and Monster Reborn, which lets the user retrieve a monster from their opponent’s discard pile or Graveyard.


Many social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter promoted the Konami celebration, attracting TCG enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

Having the opportunity to “duel like a World Champion”, these events are incredibly enticing for players, evident by their high turn-out.

Players from various countries used these platforms to share their thoughts on the Celebration. Hosts kept their followers up-to-date on the results of each round, and the overall winners of their prize giveaway.

Although some participants did not manage to reach top-rankings, the tournament was a rewarding experience nonetheless as  players could practise their trading technique for future games.



Frontline Games, a gaming and hobby store in Tennessee, held the Celebration on 10 Aug.

Yu-Gi-Oh!They followed the Swiss format, with the number of rounds being determined on the number of players in attendance (more people means more rounds).

The store also incorporated the tournament’s Forbidden List, so certain cards may not be used in a player’s Main Deck, Side Deck or Extra Deck.

TCGs mentioned on the list include Snatch Steal, which allows the user to attach and take control of their opponent’s monster.

This is a very powerful Top Deck Card. If you are losing a duel, Snatch Steal can give you an advantage and increase your likelihood of winning. As a result, it can require very little skill and players can abuse its power, leading to the card’s ban.

The event was a success, fans were able to emulate the Berlin Championship by playing their sets to win some goodies.

Birmingham’s Geek Retreat is another venue that took part in the festivities. The comic book and coffee shop hybrid is an Official Tournament Store (OTS). This type of store hosts frequent Yu-Gi-Oh! activities and duels, where each entrant receives a booster pack that matches the value of their entry fee.

There are also exciting treats for fans, like Launch Events for newly released products, and Sneak Peeks, where you can see the latest cards before they are officially on sale.

The Celebration was listed as a public event on Geek Retreat’s Facebook page. For a measly ยฃ5, attendees could reserve their place in the tournament (Aug 24) and meet fellow duellists.

It is pleasant to see that many local establishments can provide Yu-Gi-Oh! fans with their own space to form and play together!

While we have to wait another year for the next Celebration, there are plenty of comic shops hosting weekly tournaments. So, if you wish to brush up on your duelling skills for 2020, check online for any upcoming games near you!

If you are unsure about what deck to buy, always check out the starter deck and play your up to more classic duel. With lots of practice, you’ll become a pro and know your deck inside out. 

Remember what Yugi always says “Heart of the cards.”


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